Application must include!

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Application must include!

Post by Estate on Sun Jul 31, 2016 9:16 am

Im not gonna give you exactly example of application form. Just some points, which apply should include. How you will make apply is up to you. So please try your best. Great apply means, that you really wanna join us and be part of our guild.

Click on new topic in Přihlašky/Apply
Title of the topic - Your name and spec

Application must include! (Minimum):

Nick of character / +link from armory
delete https://

Alts - Do you wanna join guild with them?

Main spec/ Off spec (If you have) - What do u like to play and do you have experiences with that class?

Have you cleared any instances on WoD + Do you know tactics

The guild where you were before?

At what time you can do raids?

Something about your real life? (Age, Gender, ....)


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