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Mistweaver PVP

Post by Estate on Sun Jul 31, 2016 10:15 pm

Table of Contents                                                              
1.0 Introduction
1.1 Overview
1.2 Abilities
1.3.1 Healing
1.3.2 Damage
1.4 General Tips
1.5 Stat Priority
1.6 Gear
1.7 Enchants
1.8 Talents
1.9.1 Major Glyphs
1.9.2 Minor Glyphs

1.0 Introduction
A few of my mates I play with asked for some pointers on how to play Mistweaver in PvP and tips so I figured, hey, why not make a guide?

Currently, there is no comprehensive guide posted on these forums for Patch 6.1, Season 16 so I will be posting this here. I realise that we are well into Season 16 already; regardless, I hope that this guide will be useful to new players.

1.1 Overview
Mistweavers in PvP are fun and challenging to play. The style of MW PvP is very fast-paced with opportunities for risky yet rewarding gameplay, particularly when playing offensively. Be aware that Monk toolkit has several melee-range spells so be prepared to push in close quarters.

6.1 Changes
With patch 6.1, MWs have been nerfed with our resource management, namely with Mana Tea. Pre 6.1 Mana Tea restored Mana equal to 4% of total Mana per stack. Now, Mana Tea returns 3x unbuffed Spirit per stack. This is a nerf in the short term but will most likely be a buff in the long term when gear scales better and stats increases. With stat increases in progressive PvP seasons, most likely we will be able to reach the Spirit level of the pre 6.1 Mana Tea nerf, and possibly go beyond that.

6.2 Changes
Mistweavers received a nerf with Revival. Previously in 6.1, Revival had a huge 100yard range. Now with 6.2, the range has been reduced by 60 yards, so Revival is now limited to 40 yards. This is the same yard range as Soothing Mist. This nerf makes Revival slightly less reliable. It means you have to get closer to your teammates otherwise it won't affect them.

1.2 Abilities
• Fortifying Brew -- Turns skin to stone, increasing your current and maximum health by 20%, and reducing damage taken by 20%. Lasts 15sec with a 3min CD. Use this when you know you are going to take heavy damage.
• Life Cocoon -- Bubble. Encases the target in a cocoon of Chi energy, absorbing damage and increasing period healing received by 50%. Lasts for 12secs. See Glyph section for Life Cocoon Glyph.
• Nimble Brew -- Removes all root, stun, fear, and horror effects and reduces the duration of future such effects by 60% for 6sec with a 2min CD. Essentially, this is a pseudo-second trinket. Note that this does not incur a CD on your PvP/Human EMFT trinket. It also does not remove Polymorphs or Frozen Traps.

• Roll -- Propels forward a short distance. 20sec recharge with 2 charges. See Talent section for Chi Torpedo, an improved version of Roll.
• Transcendence -- You split your body and spirit, leaving your spirit behind for 15min. CD is 10sec. This is the setting up part of Transcendence.
• Transcendence: Transfer -- Your body and spirit swap locations. CD is 25sec (20sec with Transcendence Glyph). This is the teleport part of Transcendence.

• Paralysis -- Incapacitate ability lasting for a few seconds.
• Provoke -- Taunt. Underrated ability that can be used to keep Rogues from leaving combat to re-stealth.
• Spear Hand Strike -- Melee-range interrupt ability. Useful for when your team is pushing in.

• Detonate Chi -- Detonates all of your Healing Spheres, causing each of them to heal an ally within 12 yards. This spell is really only relevant to the Chi Explosion talent.
• Detox -- Cleansing spell. Removes all harmful magic, poison, and disease effects from the target. CD is 8secs.
• Jade Serpent Statue -- Summons a Jade Serpent Statue at the target location for 15min with a 10sec CD. In short, the Jade Serpent Statue helps you heal. When casting Soothing Mist, the Jade Serpent Statue will also cast Soothing Mist on an injured ally within 40 yards. Moreover, when the Monk deals damage, the Jade Serpent Statue will heal the lowest health nearby target within 20 yards for 50% of the damage done. Always have this summoned and nearby.
• Mana Tea -- Gives mana. Consumes 1 stack of Mana Tea per 0.5sec to restore mana equal to 3x unbuffed Spirit. For every 4 Chi you spend, you gain 1 stack of Mana Tea, with a chance equal to your crit chance to generate 1 extra stack. Can be used with Healing Elixirs talent for heal on demand.
• Resuscitate -- Resurrect spell. Returns the spirit to the body, restoring a dead target to life with 35% of maximum health and mana. Cannot be cast while in combat.
• Revival -- Raid heal. Heals all party/raid members within 40 yards and clears them of all harmful Magical, Poison, and Disease effects. Has a 3min CD and is instant cast.
• Thunder Focus Tea -- Receive a jolt of energy, doubling healing done by your next Surging Mist, or causing the next Renewing Mist to jump 2 additional times. See Glyph section for Zen Focus glyph giving aura mastery.

Chi-generating spells:
• Expel Harm -- Self-heal(can be used on others with Glyph). Heals yourself and deals 33% of the amount healed as Nature damage to an enemy within 10 yards. Has a 15sec CD and generates 1 Chi.
• Renewing mist -- Small HoT. Each time Renewing Mist heals, it also travels up to the most injured ally within 20 yards, up to 2 times. Has an 8sec recharge time and generates 1 Chi.
• Surging Mist -- Big heal. Generates 1 Chi. Instant cast while channelling Soothing Mist. Usable in either stance. Every 1 Chi used in Stance of the Spirited Crane gives the buff 'Vital Mists', reducing the cast time and mana cost of your next Surging Mist by 20%, stacking up to 5 times ie. to be instant and free.
• Jab -- Primary Chi builder in Crane Stance. Jabs the target, dealing damage and generating 1 Chi. Usable only in Stance of the Spirited Crane.
• Spinning Crane Kick -- AoE kick. Does damage or healing depending on activated stance. Generates 1 Chi if it strikes 3 or more targets. See Talent section for Rushing Jade Wind, an improved version.
• Chi Brew -- Talent. Instantly restores 2 Chi and generates 1 stack of Mana Tea. Has 2 charges with a 1min recharge. See Talent section.
• Crackling Jade Lightning -- Ranged spell. Channel Jade lightning, dealing Nature damage and generating 1 Chi each time it deals damage (only in Stance of the Spirited Crane). Can also sometimes knock back melee attackers. Note that this has a high mana cost in Stance of the Spirited Crane but costs nothing in Stance of the Wise Serpent.

Spells that require Chi:
• Enveloping Mist -- Our strongest HoT. Heals the target over 6 sec, and increases healing received from your Soothing Mist by 30%. Instant cast while channelling Soothing Mist. Costs 3 Chi. Only Usable in the Stance of the Wise Serpent. See Gear section for set bonuses.
• Tiger Palm -- Setup buff. Attacks with the palm of your hand, dealing damage and causing your attacks to ignore 30% armour. Costs 1 Chi and requires melee range. Only Usable in Stance of the Spirited Crane.
• Rising Sun Kick -- Our strongest Kick. You kick upwards, dealing damage and causing all enemies within 7 yards to take 20% increased damage from your abilities for 15 sec. Costs 2 Chi and requires melee range. Only Usable in Stance of the Spirited Crane.
• Blackout Kick -- Kick with a blast of energy, dealing damage and giving you the buff' Crane's Zeal' that increases your critical strike chance by 20%. Eminence healing from this ability heals up to 4 targets for 20% of the damage done. Costs 2 Chi and requires melee range. Only Usable in Stance of the Spirited Crane.
• Touch of Death -- Execute. Instantly kills a creature with less health than the Monk's maximum health. Can also be used on tough targets (PvP) when they are below 10% health, dealing damage equal to the Monk's maximum health to them. Instant cast offensive ability that costs 3 Chi with a 1.5min CD, requiring melee range. Note that this is not stance dependent so it can be used in either the Serpent or Crane stance.
• Uplift -- Raid heal. Heals all allies with Renewing Mist, regardless of LoS. Not particularly useful in PvP; you are much better off spending your Chi elsewhere.

Channelled Spells:
• Soothing Mist -- Channelled heal. See 'Rotation' section.

Draenor Perks:
• Enhanced Roll -- Roll now travels the same distance in 25% less time.
• Improved Renewing Mist -- Increases the duration of Renewing Mist by 2secs.
• Improved Life Cocoon -- Reduces the CD of Life Cocoon by 20sec.
• Enhanced Transcendence -- The CD of Transcendence is reduced by 35 secs, and Transcendence: Transfer is now instant.
1.3.1 Healing
There is a straightforward way to heal, although it is not necessarily a rotation of sorts as there would be for a DPS spec. In a nutshell, use your mana-costing abilities to heal which generate Chi, and use said Chi to heal as well. Using Chi gives you Mana Tea stacks which restore Mana, so remember to drink them when needed.

Use Expel Harm, Renewing Mist, and Surging Mist to readily build Chi (in that order, mostly).

The most basic way to heal is to channel Soothing Mist on your target. When using this method, make sure you have summoned the Jade Serpent Statue which will also help you heal by casting Soothing Mist on an allied target.

A trick to efficient and near instant cast healing is by using Soothing Mist. The incurring GCD after you start channelling Soothing Mist is very short, less than 1sec. You can see this for yourself by spamming Soothing Mist and checking the quick refreshes of other spells.

Ordinarily, Surging Mist and Enveloping Mist have a cast time when not cast with Soothing Mist. When cast while channelling Soothing Mist, however, Surging Mist and Enveloping Mist become instant. The idea here is to use Soothing Mist in order to cast an instant Surging or Enveloping Mist.

1) Begin channelling Soothing Mist
2) Immediately cast Surging Mist
3) Stop casting by moving

This last step is a precaution to avoid being interrupted and locked out of healing, and forms the basis of why the technique is referred to as 'stuttering' or 'start-stop'.

The concept of near instant cast heals can also be applied to Enveloping Mist. Repeat the steps (above) and swap Enveloping for Surging Mist. You can continue channelling after using Surging Mist spamming but be aware that this can potentially lead to being interrupted. With this start-stop or stuttering technique, you can healing while running, mostly, in the event that you cannot freely heal via channelling.

1.3.2 Damage
Mistweavers can dish out some nice burst damage to help secure kills. Out of all the healers, Mistweavers shine in this department with Touch of Death and the use of dumping swift consecutive kicks. The downside to this, though, is that the burst damage is harder to execute than other healers. There is some setup required in order to pull this off.

You need to pay attention to several things:

• Enemy HP -- Remember that Touch of Death can only be used if the enemy is at 10% HP. Moreover, depending on your gear, you should have a rough idea of how hard your Rising Sun Kick hits for.
• Chi -- Note how much Chi you have currently accumulated. Try to also think ahead of how you are going to generate more chi if you are going to do burst damage. Is Chi Brew available? How many charges of Renewing Mist do you have, so that you can generate Chi in Serpent Stance to dump in Crane Stance?
• Positioning -- Check how many charges of Roll/Chi Torpedo you have readily available. Since Mistweavers damage primarily comes from melee-range abilities, you need to be prepared to push in and get within close quarters, and in the opposite case also account to escape afterwards.
• Communication -- Talk with your teammates often and call out everything. Remember that you have a melee-range interrupt, so make sure not to overlap them, as well as your stuns for diminishing returns.

Similar to healing 'rotation', there is no concrete damage rotation to follow for MW. It is simply about switching into Stance of the Spirited Crane and dumping Chi using Rising Sun Kick. They usually hit for about 30k+ depending on your gear. The challenge here is to be quick in switching stances as it could be detrimental and cost you some global cooldowns, as well as compromising your positioning (since you have to be within melee-range).

A general rotation outline (for 1v1):
ReM x3 > Expel Harm > maximise Chi > Crane Stance > Tiger Palm (armor-ignoring buff) > Blackout Kick (for Crit buff) > Jab > RSK (to apply debuff) > Chi Brew x2 or CJL > RSK x2

This rotation, while not absolute, is a great setup for 1v1. The buffs add extra oomph to the subsequent RSK x2 at the end which should hit harder than if you were to simply RSK x3.

Use CJL to quickly build 4 Chi. Note that this drains your mana heavily, however it allows you to max Chi almost instantly.

Chi Torpedo is another hard-hitting ability as part of our toolkit. It's not recommended to waste them, however, as they are crucial for survival. That being said, there is a trick to using Chi Torpedo fast to deal damage. Use Chi Torpedo + jump to roll on the spot (similar to WW).

1.4 General Tips
• Manage CDs. The current state of PvP is about cooldown trading. MWs don't have a lot of emergency cooldowns like Holy Paladins so they rotate around Life Cocoon, sometimes being really greedy with them. The general rule of thumb is that if you blow numerous cooldowns together, you've done something wrong. For example against Godcomp, Mage comes in with Blazing Speed > Deep > Sheep and you get caught, use trinket, Life Cocoon, then eat another Poly, followed by Priest fear > Nimble Brew. It's better to immediately Nimble the Deep if your DPS can't stop the Poly and los using Port, so you save trinket + Life Cocoon.

• Transcendence. Remember to recast Transcendence after using Transcendence: Transfer to prepare for your next teleport. Since Transcendence entails the body and spirit swapping, your spirit will be left behind. Try to put Transcendence in strategic spots, depending on what you need. Against Hunters with Frozen Trap, Transcendence can be used to dodge traps. Bear in mind that this can potentially leave you open to quick switches (without teleport up). Against melee, use Transcendence to escape; find spots behind pillars/boxes and hard to reach places. In RBGs, particularly in the Temple of Kotmogu map, use Transcendence to teleport up to higher ground for quicker grabs on orbs.

• Stances. When reverting stance from Stance of the Spirited Crane to Stance of the Wise Serpent, most of your accumulated Chi is lost. The general rule of thumb is to build Chi in the Serpent Stance then switch to Crane Stance to dump Chi for a quick burst of damage. Using Jab in Crane Stance is viable to build Chi, however due to the fast-paced nature of PvP, it is not ideal. Touch of Death is exempt from requiring Crane Stance; it is usable in the Serpent Stance.

• Revival. Remember that with the recent 6.2 change, Revival now has a 40 yard range. This is the exact same range as Soothing Mist. Anticipate if you can reach the base sitter in time and use Revival accordingly if you cannot as an emergency heal. The same concept can be applied in arenas if your teammate is caught in a Smoke Bomb, behind the pillar/box, and LoS'd.

• Jade Serpent Statue. It heals through walls and LoS. Note that you could be separated from your ally and still be able to heal them if the statue is near them, albeit the heal would be weak since Soothing Mist would only come from the statue and not you (because you are out of range).
1.5 Stat Priority
General build. You can tweak it based on your personal preference, for example grabbing more Spirit if needed.

Versatility > Spirit* > Haste > Multistrike=Crit > Mastery

Versatility -- Improves heals and survivability. Think of it as PvP Power and Resilience squished together. Damage mitigation is calculated as half of the total %. Hypothetically, if you had 20% Versatility, you would have 10% damage mitigation.

Spirit* -- Spirit is asterisked because it varies for players. Pre 6.1 we did not need to get any Spirit at all because Mana Tea returned 4% of total mana per stack. With the changes to Mana Tea, however, we now need to factor in Spirit. Mana restored from drinking Mana Tea is now equal to 3 times your unbuffed Spirit.

* The optimal amount of Spirit is arbitrary and based on personal preference. For dampening comps that will last a long time and be mana intensive, it's best to stack more Spirit. If playing and/or running into a cleave team that will probably end quickly, then you can afford to get less Spirit.

Haste -- Lowers the GCD of spells, meaning you can press ReM for Chi building faster.
See: http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Focus_and_Harmony

Multistrke/Crit - In WoD, both have reduced effectiveness in PvP by only being half as effective. That being said, they are still useful to get. Multistrike tends to give more Chi with more 'free' Renewing Mist charges; whenever you cast Renewing Mist, you have a chance for the charges not to be counted as used equal to your Multistrike chance, as outlined in the Jade Mists passive (see tooltip). Crit tends to give more stacks of Mana Tea. As seen in the Mana Tea tooltip: for each 4 Chi you spend, you gain 1 stack of Mana Tea, with a chance equal to your crit to generate 1 extra stack.
See: http://wow.gamepedia.com/Multistrike

Avoid Mastery! Despite the implemented spell of Detonate Chi, Mastery is just too RNG to use in the PvP setting where things are needed on sudden demand.

1.6 Gear
PvP Set Bonuses:
2 Piece -- Enveloping Mist reduces the target's chance to be hit with a critical strike by 20% for 6 sec, applying a buff 'Protection of Chi-Ji'. This is essentially the same effect as Druids' Glyph of Barskin: Reduces the chance to be critically hit by 25% while Barskin is active.
4 Piece -- Reduces the CD of Life Cocoon by 45sec. In short, considering the Mistweaver Draenor Perk, Life Cocoon is on a 55sec CD.

What to get:
Neck -- Pendant of Meditation
Cloak -- Drape of Contemplation
Ring -- Band of Meditation x2 (buy the Wild Gladiator epic version, as well as the Warmongering Gladiator blue verison)
BiS -- Chest (Haste + Versatility) and belt (Haste + Versatility)

The Set Bonuses are definitely worth getting for Mistweaver. Ideally, try to get 4 Piece for the bonuses and then 1 piece with Versatility + other stat.

With the new changes to Mana Tea in 6.1, I would recommend getting the accessories that have Spirit -- necklace, cloak, and rings. This will help with managing Mana to which you will still have a decent amount of Haste overall even if you lose some of it on the aforementioned accessories.

1.7 Enchants
Neck -- 75 Versatility
Rings -- 50 Versatility
Cloak -- 100 Versatility + 10% movement speed
Weapon -- Mark of Warsong (Haste) or Mark of Shadowmoon (Spirit)*

*as per the Mana Tea tooltip, the return on Mana is based on your unbuffed Spirit. Mark of Shadowmoon enchant would not help in giving more mana returned specifically in regards to Mana Tea.
1.8 Talents
Tier 1 - Mobility
Recommended: Celerity or Tiger's Lust
• Celerity -- Great quality of life talent. It the reduces the cooldown of Roll/Chi Torpedo by 5 secs and increases their maximum charge by 1. It makes life easier in order to outrun, kite and veer around corners and pillars. This talent is particularly useful now in the current meta of melee training healers.
• Tiger's Lust -- Versatile talent; it can be used on yourself or a party/raid member. It acts as a speed boost, removing roots and snare on the casted target. It's important to note that this talent does not provide immunity to roots and snares; essentially, this means that they can be reapplied while the buff is still in effect. This talent works well to support melee; for example DKs, who can easily be slowed and kited.
• Momentum -- Bad. Stahp. The stacking effect suggests that Rolls should be used consecutively or at least closely together within a certain time frame. Furthermore, it does not provide any immunity to snares and roots, making the ability unsuitable in PvP.

Tier 2 - Hybrid
Recommended: Zen Sphere (arena) or Chi Burst (RBGs)
• Chi Wave -- Lacklustre and buggy. Breaks CC and doesn't bounce properly as it used to.
• Zen Sphere -- Purge protection. Our best healing spell is Enveloping Mist with the PvP set bonus, so you want it to tick for as long as it can. Unlike Resto Druids, we don't have a billion HoTs to cover Enveloping Mist. Moreover, Healing Spheres has been removed and with that our burst healing. Take this if the enemy team has a purge ability. From testing consecutive purges, the purge is quite random so it is not guaranteed but it is still useful nonetheless. Note that this ability explodes on your target, healing and dealing damage, so this can potentially remove enemies in stealth that are really close.
• Chi Burst -- Great for RBGs. It has a cast time but otherwise is great for RBG healing where teammates are stacked closely together e.g, EotS, Arathi Basin, Battle for Gilneas

Tier 3 - Chi Management
Recommended: Chi Brew or Power Strikes
• Power Strikes -- Decent. I've seen other monks use and swear by it, so try it out. I prefer the versatile nature of Chi Brew, though. With 6.1, this talent has become more appealing due to its consistency of giving you more Chi every 15 sec.
• Ascension -- Not great. Doesn't add much to Monk toolkit to use on demand, unlike the other alternatives in this tier. The only really useful part of the talent is the increased Spirit effect, but even then, it is not worth it.
• Chi Brew -- Versatile talent overall. Can be used offensively, defensively (for healing), and likeaboss to secure a kill using Touch of Death. It has a niche where drinking it doesn't incur a GCD, so it's really good to use after leaving CC chains to instantly use an Enveloping Mist. Try to keep at least 1 charge of Chi Brew available or near recharge and manage your Chi around that just in case, as situations can get ugly real fast.

Tier 4 - Control
Recommended: Charging Ox Wave or Leg Sweep
• Ring of Peace -- Meh. This talent got buffed in 6.1 with a longer incapacitate. I personally dislike the general idea of the ability. It triggers incapacitate based on enemies using abilities within the radius, so it is not instant and can be bypassed by moving out of the circle. It can force enemies to change their position and withhold spells, however the other alternatives are just more suitable with how fast-paced MW is. I've seen it used weirdly in RBGs in which the MW (having cast it on themselves) Chi Torpedo'd through the fight to hopefully trigger and incapacitate players. But again, not great.
• Charging Ox Wave -- Ranged stun. Has a 3sec stun which is shorter than Leg Sweep, but with a shorter CD of 30secs. This is useful in situations where you can't push out too much from the pillar or compromise your positioning. Note that this ability stuns in a straight line, so use this to your advantage in places like Blade's Edge Arena (with the bridge) or in Warsong Gulch (inside the tunnel).
• Leg Sweep -- Close-range stun. Has a 5sec stun which is longer than Charging Ox Wave, but with a longer CD of 45secs. Note that this ability can be parried/dodged so try to Leg Sweep from behind.

Tier 5 - Survivability
Recommended: Healing Elixirs or Diffuse Magic
• Healing Elixirs -- An overall good choice. It can be used while stunned (automatically as it is a passive effect) when a damaging attack brings you below 35% health, or used conjunction with drinking either Chi Brew or Mana Tea stacks for a heal on demand.
• Dampen Harm -- Not bad, however the other alternatives are just better. It has a long CD and the effect is lacklustre.
• Diffuse Magic -- Great against casters and mitigating magic damage in general.

Tier 6 - Enhancements
Recommended: Xuen or Chi Torpedo
• Rushing Jade Wind -- Not bad. I've seen other monks use it, so try it out if you want. I personally don't like the high mana cost and the general use of the AoE heal. Note that unlike Spinning Crane Kick, which is channelled, you can cast while Rushing Jade Wind is up.
• Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger -- Great talent for cleaves like TSG or Turbocleave where CC ( excluding Paralysis) does not break on damage. Xuen does AoE damage and healing, so be careful when you use this and which comp you run. It can be controlled using the pet bar of your UI or with macros, so make sure that you have it visible if you have customised your interface.
• Chi Torpedo -- Quality of Life talent, often taken with Celerity. It improves your rolls by giving it a small heal and increases the distance to which you roll. The added distance is nearly an extra roll so can you reach corners and pillars easier. Note: it makes your rolls deal damage, which can be useful when facing RMD or Rogue/x variant where they will be nearby (stealthed) in the opener. If you can manage to accidentally hit them, then you can wreck their opener.

Tier 7 - Healing
Recommended: Pool of Mists
• Breath of the Serpent -- Lacklustre. The heal is sort of 'meh' and requires positioning around the Jade Serpent Statue in order to be used (in theory) effectively.
• Chi Explosion -- Burst/AoE healing. This talent got buffed in 6.1 so it is now instant cast while channelling. It has amazing burst but only if used on a single target; amount healed diminishes by spreading with more people around the target. It means losing Pools of Mists in the same talent tier, and thus makes it difficult to readily generate Chi. It's great to take against purge-heavy teams like Turbo wherein Enveloping Mist will mostly likely be immediately purged. Make sure to have Detonate Chi on your bars if you take this talent.
• Pool of Mists -- Versatile talent overall. It gives you more charges of Renewing Mist (which means more Chi) with 15% increased healing, and buffs the damage Rising Sun Kick by 50% with more charges.
1.9.1 Major Glyphs
• Life Cocoon -- It allows you to use Life Cocoon while stunned or frozen. More importantly, it enables you to pre-emptively bubble yourself or your teammate. For example, against comps with a Mage, they will sometimes catch you in a Deep Freeze and will follow up with chain CC using Polymorph or by their partner.
• Zen Focus -- Aura Mastery. Grants silence and interrupt immunity for 5 seconds after using Thunder Focus Tea. Thunder Focus Tea has a relatively short CD of 45secs (compared to other healers' Aura Mastery abilities) so this is a great glyph to take.

Life Cocoon and Zen Focus are your only mandatory glyphs. Pick out of the following glyphs for your last slot based on what you need.

• Freedom Roll -- Removes snares when you use Roll/Chi Torpedo. Great talent to take against heavy melee comps prevalent in the current meta.
• Paralysis -- Enables your Paralysis to removes DoTs on your enemy target. Useful if you need a more reliable form of CC in which your Paralysis would otherwise break from DoTs.
• Transcendence -- Reduces the CD of Transcendence: Transfer by 5 sec. Teleport is now 20secs instead of 25secs. This is great for maps where teleporting is everything, particularly in cramped maps like Dalaran Sewers and Ruins of Lordaeron.
• Detoxing -- Great against shatterplay/godcomp or anything with a Mage.
• Detox -- Heals your cleansed (Detox) target for 4%. Great against Locks or Spriests where you need to routinely Detox DoTs to alleviate pressure.
• Soothing Mist -- Interesting glyph. Take it for some fun and sprinting in BGs; I would not take it in competitive play, though, as other glyphs take precedence. When you stop channelling Soothing Mist, you can 60% movement speed for 1sec for every sec you spent channelling Soothing Mist.

1.9.2 Minor Glyphs
Minor Glyphs are mostly cosmetic, so there aren't any mandatory glyphs in this section. I would still suggest getting these glyphs pertaining to RBGs and BGs.

• Water Roll -- Allows you to roll over water. This is great for certain maps like Battle for Gilneas (near Waterworks), Arathi Basin (near Blacksmith), and Twin Peaks (near the tunnel with water). It makes peeling off more efficient, in an event where you have to move quickly.
• Spirit Roll -- Allows you to roll while dead. This is great in cases where you need to move faster to your corpse in order to body res.
• Zen Flight -- Awesomesauce. It gives you the ability to fly on a cloud. In a world PvP setting, I suppose it would come in handy if (for whatever lulzy reason)you are trolling in the air or knocked down a cliff. It is usable only out of combat, though, so be aware that you might hug the ground hard. Really hard. Like a deathly tight hug. To death.

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