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Windwalker PVP

Post by Estate on Sun Jul 31, 2016 10:30 pm

1. Gearing and Stat Priority 

- First things first, the windwalker monk must have the 4-piece set bonus. This bonus grants us a 2% damage reduction per Tigereye brew consumed. Thus, having consumed 10 stacks you will be given a 20% damage reduction for a whole 20 seconds! 

- Your main stats are Haste and Versatility. 
+ Enchant your neck with Gift of Versatility: 75 Versatility 
+ Enchant your back with Gift of Versatility: 100 Versatility + 10% Speed
+ Enchant both rings with Gift of Versatility: 50 Versatility.
+ Enchant your weapons with Mark of Warsong: dimishing haste proc.

- Concerning gear, only your Chest should not be a 'bonus set' piece. Instead, grab the haste + versatility one! The rest of the main pieces, besides the shoulders, already contain the stat haste! 

+ If you are hooman, you have the passive trinket. Thus go for Versatility + Agility trinkets. 
+ If you are not hooman, you will go for 2x Versatility trinkets

+ The best weapon to use is the 2-handed Staff. There is always discussion about what weapons are better to use, but the staff is without a doubt the best and i will explain why. The staff has the fastest attack speed (2.00), which synchronizes well with the monks passive 'Way of the Monk'. This passive talent allows you to attack 55% faster with 2 handed weapons. As a result, your Tiger Strikes buff (35% multistike for 8 seconds) has a longer uptime.
2. Glyphs

These are the best glyphs, but they can change depending on who you play against. 
+ Paralysis: If you want your paralysis to have it's full effect, then this glyph is mandatory (especially for arena).
+ Touch of Karma: can be vital for survivability. If you get kited and you're dying, then you need a ranged Karma to save your life.
+ Touch of Death: This provides you with a free execute if a target is at 10% or lower. This is most valuable in arena as it gives a guaranteed kill.
+ Flying Fists: This glyph is amazing as it gives your fist of fury a 10 yard range. Easier functionality and you can more easily catch multiple targets.

Swapping out Touch of Karma: If you're facing a melee / cleave comp you can swap out Touch of Karma as there is a good chance you can use the ability on a target when necessary.
Swapping out Touch of Death: If you have very little uptime on targets then swap out Touch of Death. Then you have to be aware that your Touch of Death costs 3 Chi! 

3. Talents

Tiger's Lust: Allows for much better mobility, and frees one from roots and snares. This ability can also be given to team members.

Chi Burst: This does a respectable amount of damage and healing (Roughly 40-50k) with your 10 stacks, and can be paired with a Rising Sun Kick or a Chi-Torpedo. (Chi-Torpedo is when you jump and torpedo, which also does around 40k damage). 

Chi Brew: This is a great talent, and it pairs well with your mastery, often giving you extra tigereye brews. It also gives you 2 chi, so at the start of a game you can use Chi- Brew 2x, followed by a Chi Explosion and you'll almost be at 10 stacks. Sometimes even 11. Ready to burst before contact has been made. 

Leg Sweep: Stuns enemies within 5 yards for 5 seconds. Mandatory talent. Can be used following a Fist of Fury stun. 

Healing Elixir / Dampen Harm / Diffuse Magic:
+ Healing Elixir is a nice heal (about 50k) that is used when you drop below 35% health. Can also be used on demand every 18seconds when a brew or tea is used. 
+ Dampen Harm: This is a great talent vs classes which deal high chunks of damage (Destruction / Demonology Warlocks, Rogues with DfA, Balance Boomkins). It can be used while stunned and will save you lots of health when used properly! 
+ Diffuse Magic: Is very useful versus caster classes (Mages, Affliction Warlocks, Shadow Priests, Boomkins). Not only does it reduce magic damage taken by 90% for 6 seconds, it returns those magic debuffs (such as dots) to the original target 

Chi Torpedo: Best talent in this tree. It is good for bursting during stacks, for some extra healing and for general survivability. Using this correctly requires you to use Torpedo a split second after jumping. Then you torpedo in the air, without displacing yourself. 

Chi Explosion: Best talent due to its tigereye brew generating property. Using 3+ stacks of Chi Explosion will generate additional stacks, which allows you burst more frequently. Additionally, it is a ranged magical attack which allows you to put out some damage while being kited. 
+ Hurricane Strike is more a battleground talent and is not viable for arena. It does a great amount of damage with stacks, but this damage is greatly reduced if hitting more than one target. 
+ Serenity: Can provide a good amount of burst but simply doesnt match the strtenght of chi explosion.
4. Keybinds and Macros

Targeting keybinds
/target Arena 1 /target Arena 2 /target Arena3

Focus macros are also crucial for arena
/focus Arena 1 /focus Arena 2 /focus Arena 3

Focus Macros

/cast [mod, @focus] Spear Hand Strike; Spear Hand Strike

/cancelaura Spinning Crane Kick
/cast [mod, @focus] Disable; Disable

/cancelaura Spinning Crane Kick
/cancelaura Hand of Protection
/cast [mod, @focus] Paralysis; Paralysis 

Storm, Wind and Fire:
/cast [@focus] Storm, Earth, and Fire

Defensive Macros

Fortifying Brew:
/cast Fortifying Brew
/use Healthstone

Spamable Zen Meditation 
/cast !Zen Meditation

Detox: It is important to dispel the poisons from DK's (necrotic plague) as often as possible. The longer its on you, the more damage it will do. Poisons from rogues is also dispellable, allowing you to dispel Wound poison and Crippling poison. Or to dispel Wyvern Sting of hunters. Very handy when dispelling your healer for example. 

Offensive Macros

Tigereye brew + trinket:
/cast Tigereye Brew
/use Wild Gladiator's Badge of Conquest

Note: Do not bind your on-use trinket in your Fist of Fury ability. This is known to sometimes cancel your Fist of Fury! 

Generally useful

Having Tiger's Lust for your team members:
/cast [@putnamehere] Tiger's Lust
5. Addons

TellMeWhen Tracks buffs and debuffs such as:
+ Tiger Power (ignores 30% armor)
+ Rising Sun Kick (your ability deal 20% more damage)
+ Tigereye Brews (so you can easily see how many stacks you have)
+ Fortitude of Xuen (tracks the duration of damage reduction buff)
+ Tiger Strikes (can be useful to synchronize with your burst)
+ trinket procs (can be useful to synchronize with your burst)

Gladius Enemy frame addon
+ Tracks trinkets used by enemies
+ Tracks the diminishing returns of enemies
+ Displays CC's effects on enemies

OmniBar Tracks enemy cooldowns
+ You can see when an enemy will have a cooldown again

ChiBar Configurable chi bar. Gives you easier sight of your chi while fighting
6. Damage!

+ Build up tigereye brews with Chi Brew + Chi Explosion
+ Keep 100% uptime on Tiger Power debuff
+ Keep 100% uptime on Rising Sun Kick Debuff
+ Avoid using less than 8 stacks of Tigereye
+ Use Expel Harm on cooldown. Compared to Jab, it costs less, does more damage and heals you. 

Bursting, pop your 10 stacks of tigereye brew > cast Chi Burst > 1 or 2x Chi torpedo, and Fist of Fury.
+ Ideally, you want to have Tiger Strikes + Trinket procs active while bursting (obviously also with tiger power + RSK debuff).


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