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WoD-Mistweaver PVE

Post by Estate on Thu Aug 04, 2016 9:29 am

Table of Contents
2.Base Spells
4.Gear, Enchants, Gemming, and Consumables
7.Basic Gameplay
8.Advanced Gameplay
9.Things to Track

1) Overview (table of contents)

There are many changes to classes, specs, gearing, and gameplay in Warlords of Draenor. To see an official list of these changes, go here:
Official Patch Notes

Mistweaver Monks are one of the 6 healing specializations available in Word of Warcraft. All healers use a resource called Mana as their primary resource. Many spells cost mana to use and your ability to spend your mana wisely will be a large factor in your success as a healer. Mana regenerates slowly based on your character’s Spirit stat, but Mistweavers also have a more active method of recovering mana. You can find more information regarding character stats and mana management later in the guide. Mistweaver Monks also have a secondary resource, called Chi. Chi, like mana, is used to cast spells. There are not many spells that cost Chi and it is a much more limited resource than mana, so it is important that you choose the most appropriate spells on which you spend your Chi. Finally, Monks have two different stances that they can be in, Stance of the Wise Serpent and Stance of the Spirited Crane. This guide will cover these two stances in more detail later, but for now it will suffice to think of Stance of the Wise Serpent as the pure-healer stance, while Stance of the Spirited Crane is the hybrid damage dealer and healer stance. Now that we have a very basic overview of Mistweaver Monks, let’s surge into the specific spells we’ll be using.

2) Base Spells(table of contents)

Mistweaver Monks have a few spells available to use when healing their allies. These spells, with a few exceptions, can be split into two different categories: Chi generators and Chi spenders. First, we’ll look at the few exceptions.

Spells that do not generate or spend Chi

Soothing Mist (SooM)
An 8 second channeled, single target heal that costs mana. Soothing Mist heals in small fractions every 1 second (with 0% Haste), called ticks, over its duration. Soothing Mist interacts with three other spells, Surging Mist, Enveloping Mist, and Summon Jade Serpent Statue, in ways that we’ll discuss later. Note that Soothing Mist is only available in Stance of the Wise Serpent.

Detonate Chi
A new spell introduced in Warlords of Draenor. It is an instant cast spell that will cause all of your existing Healing Spheres to explode, dealing their full healing value to allies within 12 yards of the Spheres. Healing Spheres are discussed later in the guide.

Summon Jade Serpent Statue (JSS)
An instant cast spell that does pretty much what the name implies. It places a statue on the ground that has two passive abilities. The first of these abilities is called Serpent’s Accord. When you cast Soothing Mist, the Jade Serpent Statue will also cast Soothing Mist on an injured ally within 40 yards. The other passive ability is called Eminence. When the Monk deals damage, the summoned Jade Serpent Statue will heal the lowest health nearby target within 20 yards for 50% of the damage done. It is important to note that Serpent’s Accord will only work in Stance of the Wise Serpent, while Eminence will only work in Stance of the Spirited Crane.

An instant cast spell that will remove all harmful Magic, Poison, and Disease effects from the target, also known as a "dispel". Dispels do no healing without specific glyphs, but they are a vital part of any healer’s toolkit. Consult boss encounter strategy guides to know when, why, and whom to dispel. If you are unfamiliar with the fight, as a general rule, dispelling takes higher priority than healing.

Mana Tea (MT)
Consumes 1 stack of Mana Tea per 0.5 sec to restore mana equal to 3 times your unbuffed Spirit. You gain 1 stack of Mana Tea for every 4 Chi you spend and can have a maximum of 20 stacks. Channel this ability to consume stacks at a rate of 1 per 0.5 seconds. You want to avoid wasting stacks of Mana Tea, so if you're at a mana deficit and you have max stacks, be sure to use some ASAP.

Chi generators

A Monk’s Chi generators include Renewing Mist, Surging Mist, Spinning Crane Kick, Expel Harm, and Jab. Note that Renewing Mist is only available in Stance of the Wise Serpent, while Jab is only available in Stance of the Spirited Crane. Let’s touch on each of those briefly.

Renewing Mist (ReM)
An instant cast, 20-second HoT (Heal-over-Time) that can be placed on friendly targets and generates 1 Chi. Renewing Mist also has a jumping mechanic best explained by its own tooltip: "Each time Renewing Mist heals, it also travels to the most injured ally within 20 yards, up to 2 times." That this means that a single cast of Renewing Mist puts a HoT on three different targets. Renewing Mist is one of your go-to spells; you will be using it quite often. Generally. in raids, you’ll want to make sure you have at least 6 Renewing Mists active at any time. In dungeons, keep it on the whole party. Always prefer players over pets in both scenarios. Renewing Mist provides only a small amount of healing to each player affected by it, but it also has strong mechanical ties to Uplift, a Chi spender that we’ll discuss in a bit.

Surging Mist (SM)
A 1.5 second cast, single target heal that generates 1 Chi. Surging Mist is relatively simple, but it has a special feature that makes it instant cast while channeling Soothing Mist. You can cast it just 0.5 seconds after beginning a Soothing Mist channel, but it can only affect your Soothing Mist target while channeling Soothing Mist. Generally, Surging Mist should only be cast while channeling Soothing Mist on your intended target.

Spinning Crane Kick (SCK)
A 2.25 second channeled spell that heals targets around you and generates 1 Chi if it hits 3 targets, not including yourself. It ticks immediately and once every 0.75 seconds (with 0% Haste), so 4 times in total.

Expel Harm (EH)
A large, inexpensive self-heal that generates 1 Chi.

A single target damage dealing ability that generates 1 Chi when it hits a target. Jab is your main source of Chi generation in Crane Stance.

Chi Spenders

A Monk’s chi spenders include Uplift, Enveloping Mist, Rising Sun Kick, Blackout Kick, Tiger Palm, and Touch of Death. Uplift and Enveloping Mist can only be used in Serpent Stance, while Rising Sun Kick, Blackout Kick, and Tiger Palm can only be used in Crane Stance.

A 1.5 second cast heal that costs 2 Chi and heals all targets affected by your Renewing Mist. This means that if you have no Renewing Mists out, then you cannot use Uplift. Uplift is your main source of aoe healing. Uplift has an aoe healing cap of 6 targets, but it will ignore full-health targets when determining healing amounts.

Enveloping Mist (EM)
A 2 second cast, single target HoT that costs 3 Chi. Enveloping Mist is a very powerful spell and it has a strong interaction with Soothing Mist. If cast while channeling Soothing Mist, Enveloping Mist will be instant and increase the healing of Soothing Mist on targets affected by Enveloping Mist. This is a large source of single target healing. Generally, Enveloping Mist should only be cast while channeling Soothing Mist on your intended target.

Rising Sun Kick (RSK)
A single target damage dealing ability with an 8 second cooldown that costs 2 Chi. Rising Sun Kick also applies a debuff to all targets within 8 yards which causes them to take 20% additional damage from your abilities for 15 seconds. This buff should be kept up as much as possible while in Crane Stance.

Blackout Kick (BoK)
A single target damage dealing ability that costs 2 Chi. Eminence healing from this ability is special; it heals up to 5 targets for 20% of the damage done, for both the Monk and the Jade Serpent Statue. Blackout Kick also applies a buff to you, called Crane’s Zeal, which increases your critical strike chance by 20%. You will want to keep this buff up as much as possible while in Crane Stance. Blackout Kick is your filler spell while playing in Crane Stance, so that should not be a problem.

Tiger Palm (TP)
A single target damage dealing ability that costs 1 Chi. This ability puts another buff on you which causes your attacks to ignore 30% of armor for 20 seconds. This buff should be kept up as much as possible while in Crane Stance.

Touch of Death (ToD)
An instant cast melee attack with a 1.5 minute cooldown and costs 3 Chi that will deal damage equal to the Monk’s maximum health. On non-boss enemies, this ability is usable when they have less health than the Monk. On bosses and other non-trivial enemies, Touch of Death is usable when the target is below 10% health.


Healer cooldowns are spells that you want to save for when either damage becomes overwhelming or they are on a planned rotation to be used at specific times. Unfortunately, Monk cooldowns typically do not fall in the latter category and are usually used as reactive spells to recover from unexpected or sudden damage.

Thunder Focus Tea (TFT)
An instant cast, relatively minor cooldown that either doubles the healing of your next Surging Mist, or causes your next Renewing Mist to jump 2 additional times. You will want to use this to quickly spread a bunch of Renewing Mists in order to better aoe heal a raid through increased Renewing Mist and Uplift coverage.

Life Cocoon (LC)
An instant cast, single target cooldown that absorbs damage and increases periodic healing done to that target by 50%. Life Cocoon has a base cooldown of 2 minutes, but this is reduced by 20 seconds by a leveling perk. Life Cocoon should be saved for a tank or specific group members soaking boss mechanics, intentionally or not.

An instant cast spell that heals all allies within 40 yards for a large amount. Revival will also dispel all harmful Magical, Poison, and Disease effects from those allies. This secondary effect can be very useful, but it can also be very dangerous. Some boss mechanics punish dispelling and a poorly timed Revival can do more harm than good in those situations. Revival is best used to help the raid or group stabilize in health.

3) Stats(table of contents)

Healers have the following stats available to them: Intellect, Stamina, Multistrike, Critical Strike, Haste, Mastery, Versatility, and Spirit. Let’s look at each stat and explain how it affects Mistweaver Monks.

Current Stat Priority

Intellect > Spirit > Multistrike > Critical Strike > Versatility > Haste > Mastery

Firestorm Stat Priority
Intellect > Spirit >Multi> Haste>Crit > Versatility

Stats Explanation

One of the two primary stats, along with Stamina, available to healers. Every 1 point of Intellect increases your spellpower by 1. This is a very simple, but very powerful stat and you want as much of it as possible.

Multistrike (66 rating = 1%)
A new stat in Warlords of Draenor. It grants two chances to deliver extra attacks or heals for 30% of normal value. Let’s say you have 20% Multistrike. If you cast a spell, like Surging Mist, and it heals for 10. You now have two 20% chances to also proc a Surging Mist heal for 30% of the original heal, which is 3. Note that Multistrike procs can crit and that a Multistrike heal will not be able to proc another Multistrike heal. Monks also have a passive ability, called Jade Mists, which causes you to gain 5% more Multistrike from all sources and gives your Renewing Mist and Rising Sun Kick a chance equal to your Multistrike chance to not go on cooldown when used. The next Renewing Mist or Rising Sun Kick cannot trigger this effect.

Critical Strike (110 rating = 1%)
Gives your spells and abilities a chance to do double damage or healing. Critical Strike also gives an equal chance to gain an additional stack of Mana Tea for every 4 Chi you spend.

Haste (100 rating = 1%)
Increases your attack speed and spell casting speed. Haste also causes your HoTs to tick faster and lowers the global cooldown on all of your abilities through the Focus and Harmony passive. It also lowers the duration of Spinning Crane Kick without reducing the total healing done.

Mastery (115 rating = 1%)
The Mistweaver mastery is called Gift of the Serpent and it gives you a chance when you heal to summon a Healing Sphere nearby an injured ally for 30 seconds. Allies who walk through the sphere will be healed by it. If the Healing Sphere expires before being used, a nearby ally within 12 yards of the sphere will be healed. Though Mastery is listed as a single percentage, each spell has a specific coefficient applied to that percentage to determine its chance to proc a Healing Sphere. Note that any healing events which are 100% overheal do not spawn Gift of the Serpent.

Versatility (130 rating = 1% increased damage/healing done, 0.5% reduced damage taken)
A new stat in Warlords of Draenor. It increases damage and healing done by a small percentage.

A healer-only stat that increases the rate at which you regenerate mana.

4) Gear, Enchants, Gemming, and Consumables(table of contents)


Your enchants should follow your stat priority. Go with the Multistrike enchants. For your weapon enchant, I would recommend the Spirit enchant for regen and Multistrike for throughput.
Multistrike Spirit
Neck Gift of Multistrike
Cloak Gift of Multistrike
Ring Gift of Multistrike
Mark of Shadowmoon


Gemming has changed a bit in WoD. There are no more socket colors or bonuses and there are no meta gems. Go with Multistrike gems.

Immaculate Multistrike Taladite


Calamari Crepes (Multistrike)

Greater Draenic Intellect Flask
Elixir of Peace

Draenic Intellect Potion
Draenic Channeled Mana Potion
Draenic Mana Potion

Tier Set Bonuses

Tier 17 - Battlegear of the Somber Gaze
2pc: Every time your Soothing Mist heals a target your Multistrike chance is increased by 5%. Consuming a 5 stack of Vital Mists generates 1 Chi. Buff is called Mistweaving.

4pc: Surging Mist multistrikes cause your next Thunder Focus Tea to generate 1 Chi. Stacks up to 2 times. Buff is called Chi-Ji’s Guidance.

Tier 18 - Battlewrap of the Hurricane's Eye
2pc: Your Renewing Mist also applies Extend Life to the initial target, instantly healing them for X and increasing all healing done to them by 15% for 12 sec. Your Rising Sun Kick increases the damage the target receives from your abilities by an additional 6%.

4pc: When you heal with Enveloping Mist or Uplift, 50% of the heal is also applied to targets with your Extend Life effect. When you Rising Sun Kic, you have a 50% chance to apply Renewing Mist on a nearby injured ally.

Both Tier 18 bonuses are worth picking up.

BiS list for Tier 18 - Courtesy of Spotnick

Helm Mask of the Hurricane's Eye Kormrok
Neck Locket of Unholy Reconstitution Mannoroth
Shoulder Mantle of the Hurricane's Eye Xhul'horac
Cloak Drape of Beckoned Souls Socrethar
Chest Tunic of the Soulbinder Socrethar
Bracer Bloodcult Bracers Kilrogg Deadeye
Gloves Fistwraps of the Hurricane's Eye Socrethar
Belt Waistwrap of Banishment Archimonde
Legs Legwraps of the Hurricane's Eye Gorefiend
Boots Jungle Assassin's Footpads Trash
Ring 1 Etheralus, the Eternal Reward Legendary Quest
Ring 2 Ring of Foul Temptation Shadow-Lord Iskar
Trinket 1 Unstable Felshadow Emulsion Xhul'horac
Trinket 2 Demonic Phylactery / Intuition's Gift Socrethar / Kilrogg
Weapon Gavel of the Eredar Archimonde
Off-Hand Gibbering Madness Gorefiend

Hellfire Citadel is also introducing new class and spec-specific trinkets. For Mistweavers, the trinket is the Sacred Draenic Incense. It is extremely powerful in stacked situations and changes both the way you gear and play significantly.

5) Talents(table of contents)

Once every 15 levels, characters get to choose a talent from 3 options. Here are a list of all the talents available to Mistweaver Monks and a recommendation on when to use each.

Level 15

Reduces the cooldown of Roll and Chi Torpedo by 5 sec and increases their maximum number of charges by 1.

Tiger's Lust
A 30 second cooldown spell that increases movement speed by 70% for 6 seconds and removes all roots and snares.

Causes Roll and Chi Torpedo to also increase movement speed by 25% for 10 seconds, stacking up to 2 times.

Recommendation: Celerity is a must-have if you choose Chi Torpedo. Tiger’s Lust is a great default choice here as you don’t have a baseline sprint, but Celerity is fine too. Momentum is not as great since after you Roll, you’re probably not moving much after that. The extra movement speed is typically wasted.

Level 30

Chi Wave
Bounces from allies to enemies back and forth 7 times, healing allies and damaging enemies hit.

Zen Sphere
Puts a sphere above a friendly target which heals them over 16 seconds and deals damage every 2 seconds to the nearest enemy within 10 yards. After those 16 seconds, the Zen Sphere detonates, healing to all allies and damaging all enemies within 10 yards. This effect is triggered early if Zen Sphere is dispelled or the target is damaged below 35% health.

Chi Burst
Causes a large heal to travel up to 40 yards forward, healing the Monk and all allies and damaging all enemies in its path.

Recommendation: Stick with Chi Burst for normal healing, but go with Chi Wave if you plan to spend a lot of time in Crane Stance, or if you’re healing a dungeon. Zen Sphere’s healing is currently too low to justify the awkward mechanic and high maintenance.

Level 45

Power Strikes
Every 15 seconds, your next Jab, Spinning Crane Kick, Expel Harm or Surging Mist generates 1 additional Chi, or a Chi Sphere if already at maximum Chi.

Increases your maximum Chi by 1 and your maximum Spirit by 10%.

Chi Brew
A 1 minute cooldown spell that instantly restores 2 chi and generates 1 stack of Mana Tea. Chi Brew has a maximum or 2 charges.

Recommendation: Chi Brew gives you more control over your extra Chi, which could be more valuable during burst periods. Power Strikes is a great option if you decide to play in Crane Stance. Ascension is not as strong as the other options since it provides no real healing, but it increases mana regeneration through increased Spirit. So, Power Strikes = More Chi, Ascension = More Mana, Chi Brew = More Control. Chi Brew and Power Strikes are the only real options here. The increased Spirit from Ascension is not very good.
FIRESORM - Only Ansionsce!!!!!!!!

Level 60

Ring of Peace
A 45 second cooldown spell that puts a ring around an ally that will incapacitate targets within the ring for 5 seconds.

Charging Ox Wave
A 30 second cooldown spell that shoots some crazy Ox thing forward 30 yards, stunning all enemies in its path for 3 seconds.

Leg Sweep
A 45 second cooldown spell that allows you to sweep the leg of all enemies within 5 yards, stunning them for 5 seconds.

Recommendation: Use whatever the situation calls for. Leg Sweep is great if you expect to be in melee, but Charging Ox Wave works just as well and from a much farther range.

Level 75

Healing Elixirs
Heals you for 15% of your maximum health if you are damaged below 35% health or if you drink a Brew or Tea while injured. This effect can only occur once every 18 seconds. Brew or Tea includes: Chi Brew, Mana Tea, Fortifying Brew, Thunder Focus Tea, and Nimble Brew.

Dampen Harm
A 1.5 minute cooldown that reduces damage by 50% from the next 3 attacks that damage you for 15% or more of your maximum health.

Diffuse Magic
A 1.5 minute cooldown that reduces magic damage taken by 90% for 6 seconds. This also clears you of harmful magical effects.

Recommendation: Dampen Harm and Diffuse Magic should be swapped out depending on the fight. Diffuse Magic is a good default though as almost every fight has some huge magic aoe mechanic. If the fight has no signficant burst damage, take Healing Elixirs instead.
FIRESTORM- Only Healing Elixirs or Diffuse Magic!!!!!!!
Level 90

Rushing Jade Wind
Replaces Spinning Crane Kick and has a 6 second cooldown, reduced by Haste. It heals up to 6 allies within 8 yards over 6 seconds. It generates Chi if it hits 3 or more targets, similarly to Spinning Crane Kick.

Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger
A 3 minute cooldown spell that summons a big, sparkly cat for 45 seconds. Xuen will attack your primary target and strikes 3 enemies within 10 yards every 1 seconds with Nature damage. Xuen will always do Eminence healing regardless of the Monk’s stance.

Chi Torpedo
Replaces Roll and causes you to now heal all allies and damage all enemies in your path. Chi Torpedo also travels farther than Roll. Pro tip: If you jump and use Chi Torpedo while in the air you won't go very far. This removes a lot of the awkwardness of Chi Torpedo for stacked fights.

Recommendation: Rushing Jade Wind is a very powerful spell that should be taken under two conditions, the group/raid needs you to put out your maximum healing and your mana pool can handle the strain that Rushing Jade Wind will put on it. Chi Torpedo is an excellent, mana-friendly alternative. It puts out less healing than Rushing Jade Wind will, given equal use, but since Chi Torpedo is free, it is able to be used more often. Xuen should only be taken if you expect to be in Crane stance for a large part of a fight, it's a dps talent at this point, not a healing talent.

Level 100

Breath of the Serpent
Causes your Jade Serpent Statue to breathe healing mists toward you, healing all allies in a cone within 20 yards every 1 second, for 10 seconds.

Chi Explosion
Consumes up to 4 Chi to cause the target to explode with Chi energy, causing additional effects based on the number of Chi consumed. Chi Explosion also has different effects between the two stances. You will want to use Chi Explosion with 4 Chi, anything less may result in a healing loss compared to Enveloping Mist or Uplift. Discussed further in the Advanced Gameplay section.

First, the effects in Serpent Stance:
1+ Chi: Heals the target based on Chi consumed.
2+ Chi: Causes an additional 50% healing over 6 seconds.
3+ Chi: This healing is evenly divided among all allies within 8 yards of the target.
4 Chi: Also summons 8 Healing Spheres in an 8 yard radius ring around the target that last 15 seconds.

Next, the effects in Crane Stance:
1+ Chi: Deals damage to the target based on Chi consumed.
2+ Chi: Heal yourself for moderate amount based on Chi consumed.
3+ Chi: This healing is evenly divided between all allies within 8 yards of you.
4 Chi: Also summons 8 Healing Spheres in an 8 yard radius ring around you that last 15 seconds.

Pool of Mists
Causes your Renewing Mist spell 3 charges and increases its healing by 15%. It also gives Rising Sun Kick 3 charges and increases its damage by 50%.

Recommendation: For raiding, go with Pool of Mists for general healing purposes to have better Renewing Mist and Uplift coverage in the form of more flexible timing. Chi Explosion can be better in small group play since you won't get the full value out of Pool of Mists unless you're fistweaving.

6) Glyphs(table of contents)

There are many glyphs available to Mistweaver Monks, but we’ll focus on the ones you’re most likely to use.

Recommended glyphs are Renewing Mist, Surging Mist, and Targeted Expulsion/Soothing Mist.

Glyph of Detox
Detox heals your target for 4% of their maximum health when it successfully removes a harmful effect. Cannot be used at the same time as Glyph of Detoxing. This is really good if you need to dispel something, but also need to keep pumping out heals.

Glyph of Detoxing
Detox now has a maximum of 2 charges, but its cooldown is increased by 4 seconds. Cannot be used at the same time as Glyph of Detox. This glyph is great if there are multiple debuffs that need to be dispelled or if you cannot rely on your other healers in larger group settings.

Glyph of Renewing Mist
Increases the range that Renewing Mist may travel by 20 yards. Unless you need Renewing Mist to focus on targets in a specific area, you should take this glyph as it greatly increases the healing potential of Renewing Mist and Uplift.

Glyph of Soothing Mist
When you stop channeling Soothing Mist, you gain 60% movement speed for 1 seconds for every second you spent channeling Soothing Mist. Great for moderate movement fights, but with Roll/Chi Torpedo you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting around.

Glyph of Surging Mist
While in Stance of the Spirited Crane, your Surging Mist no longer requires a target, and instead heals a random injured target within 40 yards. This just means one less thing you have to worry about when playing in Crane Stance.

Glyph of Targeted Expulsion – Expel Harm can now be used on other allies, but the healing is reduced by 50% on them. This glyph just gives you control over Expel Harm and it’s not terrible, even with the 50% reduced healing.

Glyph of Touch of Death
Your Touch of Death no longer has a Chi cost, but the cooldown is increased by 2 minutes. This is purely for dps purposes, but Touch of Death is a huge amount of instant damage that’s worth using.

7) Basic Gameplay(table of contents)

Healing gameplay can be generalized into two categories, single target and aoe. The healing spells you should use is entirely dependent on the quality and quantity of damage happening to your group or raid. First, we’ll talk when and how to heal single target, then move onto AoE, and finish with Crane Stance.

Single Target

Monks have only a few abilities devoted to single target healing, Soothing Mist, Surging Mist, Enveloping Mist, and Expel Harm. Soothing Mist is your efficient heal for when someone is taking relatively light damage. If they are taking a bit more damage, then you can choose to spend your Chi on Enveloping Mist as long as you don't anticipate there being any AoE damage incoming in the immediate future. If a group member is taking heavy amounts of damage, you want to supplement the previous combination with Surging Mist casts. Furthermore, you can use Life Cocoon to not only boost your Enveloping and Soothing Mist healing, but also to absorb some damage and give you more time to recover their health. If chosen, Chi Wave should be used for some free healing. While simple, Monk single target healing is quite effective and efficient.


For AoE healing, Monks can use Renewing Mist, Spinning Crane Kick, Uplift, and Revival. Renewing Mist by itself may not seem to contribute much, but its interaction with Uplift makes it a requirement in order for a Monk to do any kind of sustainable raid healing. Uplift is your main source of raid healing, so you should do what you can to generate the Chi needed to cast however many Uplifts it will take to stabilize the group or raid. When raid damage becomes too high for Uplift to sustain, you can throw in some Spinning Crane Kick to heal those around you and give you more Chi for more Uplifts. If chosen, Chi Burst should be used for free healing. It has a large range, so just position yourself so that it hits a group of players in need of healing. Finally, Revival should be used as an emergency catch-up tool. It should be used when you otherwise could not keep everyone alive.

Crane Stance

Crane Stance is an option available to Mistweavers that allows them to go into a hybrid dps/healing stance where they do a moderate amount of healing by doing damage. Crane Stance healing is done through the Eminence passive. Using Crane Stance is not necessary to do maximum healing. In fact, it will usually produce less healing than pure Serpent Stance healing. This may not be the case in a raid with multiple healers during a very low damage encounter. Crane Stance is intended to be used in times of low damage or if your group or raid need just a bit of extra damage for a certain period of time. If you decide to use Crane Stance, here is your basic how-to guide.

First, keep both your Rising Sun Kick debuff and your Tiger Palm buff up at all times. Then, use Blackout Kick/Chi Explosion as your filler. You can also throw in your level 30 talent on cooldown for additional damage and healing. Finally, be sure your Statue of the Jade Serpent is always down and within 20 yards of party members so that your Eminence is in full effect.

This knowledge should get you through dungeons and lower-difficulty raiding. Always remember that the most important part of healing is to react to the situation in the most appropriate manner. Your strength as a healer will be in being able to predict incoming damage so that you can be prepared and then react in the most efficient way. This only comes from experience and practice.

Cool Advanced Gameplay(table of contents)

The following section contains short discussions on some slightly more advanced topics that won’t make or break your ability to heal, but could give you a bit more of an edge if you want to put in the extra thought and effort.

Is it worth it to have more than 6 ReMs out at once?

Imagine you’re in the middle of a raid boss encounter and you already have 6 ReMs out on the raid. This means that your Uplift is doing as much healing as it can and more ReMs will not increase your overall Uplift healing. So, should you spread more ReMs at this point? The short answer is yes, as long as you will have 6 ReMs up for the next aoe healing period. ReM still does add extra raid healing on its own, but the focus here is on your ability to use Uplift at maximum potential when you need to.

The long answer is dependent on whether or not you have taken the Pool of Mists talent. If you have not taken Pool of Mists, then you will have to be extra careful that you have enough ReMs out on the raid for next period of raid damage. If you have taken Pool of Mists, then you have a lot more room to work with. You should be using ReMs enough to make sure you never cap out at 3 charges of ReM. I generally will cast ReM as long as I maintain 1 or 2 charges depending on the quality of imminent raid damage. If the damage is expected to be extremely high, then I will actually choose to expend all charges necessary to cover as much of the raid as possible. Otherwise, I will attempt to keep 9 ReMs on the raid at all times, which is easily done with Pool of Mists. Proper usage is, again, going to come down to your ability to predict the level and frequency of incoming raid damage.

Stance of the Spirited Crane: Chi Explosion vs Pool of Mists

You’ve decided to do some Fistweaving, so which talent do you take? Since Breath of the Serpent does not alter the basic Fistweaving rotation, we will focus on the ones that do. The really short version of this explanation is that Pool of Mists does more dps while Chi Explosion does more healing.

Chi Explosion should be taken simply when you do not expect to be doing much healing outside of Crane Stance. You can still do fine healing, but it will require you to plan your stance swapping in advance in order to get your ReMs out in time for any aoe damage. Pool of Mists should be taken either when you need to just do a little more dps in Crane or you plan to spend most of your time in Serpent.

Fistweaving Chi Management

The idea here is that you want to be as efficient with your Chi as possible while in Crane Stance. Crane Stance offers you the Vital Mist passive that gives you a stacking buff which reduces the cast time and mana cost of your next Surging Mist by 20% per stack. You will gain a stack of Vital Mists for every 1 Chi you spend and you can only have a max of 5 stacks. This means that you do not want to waste potential stacks. You can most easily manage this by having a tracker for Vital Mists. If you notice that you have 4 stacks of Vital Mists, it is better to simply use a 1 Chi Tiger Palm than to waste some on a 2 Chi Rising Sun Kick or 2+ Chi Explosion. Always try to aim for hitting 5 stacks without going over, this will provide you with the maximum healing from Crane for a very insignificant loss of dps.

Detonate Chi Usage

Generally, you do not want to use Detonate Chi. The spell costs mana and provides no real healing benefit because your Healing Spheres will expire naturally and deal their full healing to anyone within range anyway. The only time the spell proves useful is if you have many Healing Spheres in a location that the raid or group will not be near when the Healing Spheres expire. In this scenario, the natural expiration of the spheres would cause no healing, so detonating them early could prevent a loss of healing for a slight mana cost.

Personal Defensive Cooldowns

A dead healer does no healing and is worthless to the group. This is why you must have quick access to your personal defensive cooldowns when needed. Fortifying Brew is your only baseline spell for general damage reduction, but it is a solid one. It will reduce the damage you take by 20% and increase your health by 20%. You will also have access to another defensive spell from your level 75 talent row. Diffuse Magic is best for absorbing a non-frequent, large magic damage ability, while Dampen Harm is more useful for more frequent, smaller damage hits, or large physical damage hits.

9) Things to track(table of contents)

Renewing Mist and Enveloping Mist

You will definitely want to track who has your Renewing Mists on them and the duration of those HoTs. This will allow you to be much more effective with your use of Renewing Mist and Uplift. You should track Renewing Mist and Enveloping Mist so that you do not overwrite them accidentally as well.

Chi and Mana Tea

It would be wise to have a quick and easy visual on how much Chi you have. You can move your Chi bar from its original position or find an addon that will track it separately. The same goes for Mana Tea as it determines how much longer you can actually heal (along with your current Mana), which is good information to have readily available.

Buffs and debuffs for Crane Stance

You definitely want to be able to track all of your Crane Stance-specific buffs and debuffs so that you do not waste Chi overwriting them or letting them drop off.


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